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Services & projects

ENCs Marine Navigation: In partnership to LaserScan Ltd, UK, production of pilot for the Hellenic Navy of an ENC- demonstrator. The set of electronic navigation charts followed the ECDIS/ S57/SW100 standards. Objects were considered for PDA/i.PAQ light navigational products operational on a standard PC and linked to GPS-DGPS-GPRS technologies, while at the same time linked to international NOTAM standards, for the island of Syros and other Cycladic islands.

DIGITAL CI: 3D Aerodromes: 3D Critical Infrastructures like "3D-Aerodromes" that serves applications for airports, ATCs, pilots, cockpit instrumentation, navigation & multiple other purposes, including virtual 3D presentations of the airport on the Internet. A typical 3D-Aerodromes database covers: the major region, the airport environment, airport buildings, obstacles, navaids, waypoints and procedures, airspace, and its classification, and additional attributes. The database is compiled from satellite data, high-resolution terrain data, airport information (e.g., CAD data), orthophotos & other datasets used to compile a realistic representation of the actual airport.



ESRI Droe2Map from AvionTek on Vimeo.

GEODATABASES: Danube River Construction Straubing - Vilshofen: Ordered by the Federal Republic of Germany, Ministry of Construction and Bavarian Ministry of Economy, Transportation & Technology: In the context of the ecological study, a large-scale GIS database of 25 square kilometres was created with high-resolution land-use data, river construction and navigation data, riverbed sonar data evaluation, DTM and DSM created from Lidar data and aircraft remote sensing data. The data were evaluated for the project questions, and related objectives and measures were provided as a planning basis. 

UAV Platforms: RAWFIE: The RAWFIE (Road-, Air- and Water- based Future Internet Experimentation) establishes a federation of different network testbeds that work together to make their resources available under a common framework. RAWFIE integrates numerous testbeds for experimenting in vehicular (road), aerial and maritime environments. A Vehicular Testbed (VT) deals with Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) while an Aerial Testbed (AT) and a Maritime Testbed (MT) deals with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) respectively.



Safety4Drones ZIM Messefilm from AvionTek on Vimeo.

SAT-INFO: satellite navigation and terrain information: The Innovative use of satellite navigation and terrain information, is the creation of accurate and highly consistent terrain information and its use for robust position determination in the field. The combination of satellite navigation and terrain information will be developed through two different applications in the subprojects "Satellite-based autonomous landing" and "Development of a new 3D operation planning system for the Bavarian Mountain Rescue".

UAV: HERO20FF: The New Generation Recoverable Low-Cost UAS/UAV for Forest Fires Management delivers a recoverable low-cost tube launched micro-UAV platform to accurately estimate the wind-field along an erupted forest fire. The UAV is managed using a complete navigation system, comprising of both hardware and software modules, including both the airborne autopilot as well as complete ground station mission planning and monitoring software utilizing a bi-directional datalink for telemetry and control. The Hero20FF desktop application maps the real-time wind field measurements.

TELEATLAS/TOMTOM Navigation: The shareholder linked to Aviontek, has been for year the Tele-Atlas and later Tom-Tom data produced and navigation s/w technologies producer (e.g., iGo), that produced the navigational databases for Greece and Cyprus, and participated into multiple land-navigation applications for optimal routing given environmental and other constraints. Such projects and a series of EC/RTD linked projects offer Aviontek the ability to well understand and handle today any selected projects in of multiple and multi nodal navigation (air-, land-, inland-waters and sea-navigation).

AIR-NAVIGATION: 3D Pilot: “3D-Pilot" is a high-precision 3D satellite-based, low-cost navigation aid (h/w, s/w, data) offering 2D+3D General Aviation navigation via moving mapping & 3D tunnel functionalities, based on real-time calculations & advanced synthetic vision close to real vision. It is also available as a Standard embedded unit & Tablet with similar functionalities. is currently undergoing certification procedures as an add-on product for the Becker Avionics GmbH navigators. At present, it is available for 2000+ European Aerodromes at high resolution, 470 German and 50 EU Aerodromes at very high resolution and an approaching real vision.

UAV-3D-MOD: BAB A95: Surveying with UAV and 3D modelling of the example of a motorway section and a gravel pit with: Objective: pilot project, accuracy requirements, workflow of aerial survey and photogrammetric analysis; Partner: Wagner Ingenieure GmbH - Consulting Engineers (Munich); Project Area: federal motorway BAB A95 junction Fürstenried and gravel pit Kreut; Results: orthophotos, digital terrain models, 3D point clouds, volume determination, oblique aerial images. In association with PSU GmbH.

UAV_DOCs: BAB A9: Documentation with a UAV of construction sites for shoulder opening on the federal motorway BAB A9 between Allershausen and the Interchange Holledau, Germany: Objectives : construction documentation, construction progress; Partner: SSF Ingenieure AG (Munich); Results: weekly photo documentation for progress on selected works and sections; Project Area: BAB A9 Nuremberg - Munich (BA II-1 Allershausen - Interchange Holledau, km 581,212 to 497,419). In association with PSU GmbH.

UAV aerial surveys With the help of aerial surveys, current, highly accurate data can be collected and analysed for the respective project areas and used for further project processing. The used unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) consists of a Hexacopter with a 13-megapixel camera, a remote control, and a ground station. Both the flight planning, PSU performs the aerial survey and evaluation of the aerial surveyed data. The required permissions for aerial survey permits and insurance are available. Possible products are: oblique aerial images, orthophotos, Digital Elevation Models, land use surveys, 3D visualizations, 3D GIS databases and building models, in association with PSU GmbH.

3D-Pilot projekt Flugplatz Vilshofen: Im Rahmen des Projekts INSAG wurde der Flugplatz Vilshofen mit einer Drohne geflogen. Orthophotos und ein digitales Höhenmodell (DSM) wurden aus den Luftbilddaten erstellt. Diese waren die Grundlage für den Aufbau einer 3D-GIS-Datenbank, 3D-Visualisierungen und die Verifizierung von Landnutzungen.

GIS INSPIRE: SmeSpire EU support - and joint project with 9 partners for qualification of SMEs to the use and marketing of services by the INSPIRE Directive (2007/2 / EC) EU-wide harmonization of spatial data bases, and delivery of content. IN association with the SmeSPIRE consortium.

LIDAR: Integrated power line route survey with helicopter: An application for helicopter laser scanning data to produce GIS-based Management system for energy supplier on the location and current technical status of their pipelines. IN cooperation with PSU GmbH.